Sandra Weil is a contemporary Latin American fashion brand, established in Mexico City since 2012.
Coming from an artistic background and haute couture heritage, Sandra Weil designs clothing with intricate embroideries and obsessive attention to detail, resulting in statement and versatile pieces. 
Under the believe that fashion has a very  deep  and  positive  transformative power,  Sandra Weil aims to connect women to their feminine side without compromising comfort, designing separates that will allow women express themselves and accompany them from day to night. With this in mind the clothes are made with highly crafted internal structures such as bustiers built into the clothes.
The feminine silhouette is accentuated through an eclectic mix of tailoring and draping.
Collections are conceived with special attention to fit, flattering the female shape and allowing movement and flexibility.
The use of pima cotton and alpaca mixed with european silks and jacquards, overlaid by local craftsmanship and embroideries -with surreal inspiration and colorful elements- reflect that Mexico City has been a perfect melting pot for a peruvian native educated in Barcelona with a turkish-german ancestry.
Love and good vibes are essential to the brand reflected in atemporaland sophisticated collections with an edgy twist.